Courses Taught

European Integration: Current Theory and Research (Syllabus)
MA, Fall 2013-2017 – University of Gothenburg

Democracy and the European Union (Syllabus)
BA, Spring 2013-2017 – University of Gothenburg

Comparative Politics
MA, Fall 2013-2016 – University of Gothenburg

European Integration History
BA, Fall 2013-2015 – University of Gothenburg

Post-Industrial Democracies
BA, Summer 2010 – University of Georgia
(Instructor of Record)

Introduction to American Government
BA, Fall 2004-Spring 2006 – University of Georgia
(Teaching Assistant)

Teaching Awards

Faculty of Social Science Teaching Award (with Lenka Rovna and Jan Rovny) – University of Gothenburg

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award – University of Georgia


Ongoing. Yaman Berker Kavasoglu – PhD

2018. Simon Fredholm – BA, Johannes Johansson – MA, Elin Nyberg – BA (with distinction), Linus Åkerström Tiozzo, BA

2017. Laura Lungu – MA Thesis (with distinction), Tove Selnes – MA Thesis (with distinction)

2016. Rebecka Hellman – MA Thesis, Frida Stokland – MA Thesis (with distinction)

2014. Therese Einerborg – MA Thesis (with distinction), Adam Josefsson – BA Thesis